Research & Development in Sound Design for Museums and the Cultural Sector

Objects of Sound aims to research and broaden the different ways in which the exhibition of sound and music can render particularly meaningful in both onsite and online museums and the heritage sector.

Two beliefs are at the heart of Objects of Sound endeavour: the notion that sound and music are heritage, and the assumption that the sonic is particularity meaningful for contemporary museum practice in that it exposes museumgoers to active processes, movements, non-fixed meanings and ‘becoming’.

From the theoretical point of view, the project draws on ethnomusicology, sound studies, museum studies, phenomenology, performance studies and non-representational studies.

The following approaches are potentially instructive and relevant to my desire to more effectively nurture new sound perceptual regimes in museums:

  1. Sound and music as artifacts which are acknowledged as tropes representing a culture.
    The aim here is to provide contents expanding on sound and music historical, musical, economic, social, political and semiotic interpretations, on their role in sonic cultures and acoustic experiences of the everyday life, and by resting on their ability to instil aesthetic admiration, pleasure, wonder and memories;
  2. Sound as art, and thus assigned value as a raw material for building soundart works;
  3. Sound and music as future resources rather then historical documents thus moving conservation discourses from heritage to sustainability. More specifically, to think of models of cultural maintenance and renewal thus assuming the vitality of musical practices.

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